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Crystal Candle Factory Customization

F-zero candle factory offer best quality stone candle, we can also customized the stone and crystal scented candles with scent you like.

If you like fruit, you can also put fruit on the candle, this product we called “fruit loops cereal candle”, before shipping ,we can send you videos.

And customization your own scented candle by F-zero candle manufacturer.


Our Candle Factory

Scented Candle Material

Different packaging can be used to candles, something like glass jar, bottle, bowl. In case candles can’t be melt during transportation, we use special packing material around the candle,We use strong boxes to keep the candle not damaged during the shipping.Normally, we use candle matches to light a candle, so we also offer candle accessory-Candle matches and candle snuffer, candle warmer.

Candle Accessory

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