candle incense match

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Candle match is a very special kind of match. It not only has the function of lighting items as ordinary matches, but also can be used as an ornament for incense candle matches, candle match wedding gifts and candle matchboxes. Candle matches usually consist of a glass bottle and a match head. Glass bottles are used for decoration, and match heads have the function of lighting candles or cigarettes. In the process of making candles and matches, you first need to put the match head into the glass bottle, and then use some manual skills to fix the mouth of the glass bottle to prevent the match head from falling.
First of all, the match head of the candle match is made of glass material, which has high thermal stability and flame resistance. This special match head not only ignites the candle quickly, but also ensures the stability of the flame, allowing the candle to burn longer.
Secondly, the appearance of the candle match is very exquisite, and it can be used as a very unique candle incense match. Its glass shell can transmit light and emit beautiful colors, making the burning effect of the candle more beautiful.
In addition, candles and matches can also be used as wedding gifts, and it is also a good choice to give to others or decorate the wedding scene for environmental layout. The problem of candles and matchboxes is how to properly match the two golden partners of candles and matches to make them more harmonious and play better effects and bring higher value.

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