mason jar cup creative matches

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Canning matches, is an old fashioned way to preserve matches. Canned matches not only keep matches neat and dry, but also provide a convenient way to carry them. Match jars come in a variety of varieties, from traditional creative mason jar cup matches, to modern match jars and even glass match jars with striker pins.
Mason Jar Match Ideas, a classic way to jar matches. The casing of the canned matches is made of metal, usually aluminum alloy or iron. The metal casing can not only provide sufficient protection for the matches, but also has a certain decorative effect. The inside of a Mason Jar Match Idea is usually made of cardboard or plastic to provide a dry environment for the matches. Not only can it protect the matches well from moisture, but it can also prevent fires caused by misignition of matches.
Gradually more and more people use matches in canned matches, and matches with various shapes are displayed through transparent match cans. The light refracted by the optical fiber through the glass jar exudes a different shape with a classical and simple beauty combined with the uncanny carving beauty brought by the light.
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