DIY Match Striker Jar

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As a DIY enthusiast, I love striking cans with matches to make all kinds of fun stuff. Recently, I discovered a special kind of matches—jar matches. DIY Jar Matches is a fun and useful craft project that allows you to easily make your own jar matches at home. First, you’ll need some materials, including a jar, some matches, and a striking tool. Place the jar on a flat surface, then stuff the matches into the jar, squeezing the matches together. During this process, you will need to pay attention to the arrangement of the matches so that they are more accessible. When the matches are tightly packed, you can cover the jar and put it in your pocket for use anytime, anywhere. makeStriking DIY Match CansNot only can you save a lot of money, but you can also get a fun match making memory.
Jar matches are a special kind ofmatchesmatches. It is characterized by being long and slender so that it can be inserted more easily into slender holes. Therefore, it is suitable for making delicate works, such as paintings, sculptures, etc.
Using jar matches takes some skill. First, choose a thinner aluminum can and turn it upside down. Then, use your fingers to gently poke the sides of the jar until the matches inside the jar are pulled out. Finally, insert the jar of matches into the hole in the jar wall and start striking the match.

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