DIY Jar Matches

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Matches in a jar are a practical and environmentally friendly source of ignition. It can be used in mason jar match holders, matchboxes or Striking DIY Match Jar make. Jar matches are a special type of match whose casing is made from a glass jar. The unique feature of this match is that it can not only provide the function of lighting fuel, but also can store other small items. First, turn an empty glass bottle over, insert the match holder at the bottom, and putmatchesmatchesPlace on a matchstick. Then, place the matchbox lid over the mouth of the bottle and you have a jar of matches. The match jar design is very ingenious. Its glass bottle casing consists of two parts, the upper part is a lid and the lower part is a jar. There is a small hole in the bottom of the jar and a small hole in the top of the lid. When the jar match needs to be used, just put the lid on the jar, and then insert the match into the small hole on it to light it easily. If you want a larger match jar, you can use a small plastic jar. Put the matches in the jar and attach the lid to easily carry more matches. Making jar matches not only reduces the use of paper matchboxes, but also keeps the match handles from getting dirty. It can also save you a lot of money. Jar matches are often used for outdoor activities such as camping or picnics. They can be lit in high winds or in wet conditions because their metal jars protect the match heads from the wind. Besides being easier to light, jar matches have another advantage: They’re safer. Because jar matches have a tight-fitting jar lid, matches are less likely to be mistriggered or smashed when not in use.
A matchbox is a small container usually used to hold matches. It is usually made of plastic or metal and has a square or rectangular shape and is used to store matches. The lid of the matchbox usually has a small frosted surface, which is used to polish the end of the match to facilitate lighting. Matchboxes are commonly used to light candles, barbecues, light stoves, etc.
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