Long jar of matches

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Matches are an indispensable tool in human daily life. They can light things like gas, cigarettes, candles, and are one of the most commonly used burning tools.long match canThe use time is much longer than ordinary match cans. Its simple and elegant design can be placed on the table at home, in the kitchen cabinet, or even taken with you when you travel. Homemade jar matches, let you experience the unique charm of matches. You can choose your favorite color and style to make your jar matching stand out.
The history of matches dates back to ancient Egypt. At that time, people used goose feathers and sulfur to make a tool called “matchesmatchesIn the Middle Ages, people began to use sulfur and wood chips to make matches, and invented friction matches, which were more convenient to use. In the 19th century, match production entered the industrial age. In 1826, American inventor Joseph Henry Carter invented paper matches and Match machines have greatly increased the output of matches. With the development of science and technology, the materials of matches are also improving. Now matches are made of phosphorus, potassium chlorate, antimony sulfide and other materials, which are safer and more convenient to use .
In short, matches are an important part of human life and have a long history of development. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the use and production of matches will also continue to develop and improve.

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