dessert glass candles

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In modern society, scented candles have become an integral part of many people’s lives. These glass dessert candles can not only bring a cozy atmosphere, but also can make people relax through different scents. And recently, a new type of scented candles – dessert scented candles, is gradually becoming popular.
Cake candles can be said to be the predecessor of dessert scented candles. It is said that the earliest cake candles appeared in ancient Greece. At that time, people lit a kind of candle in festivals or celebrations to show respect to the gods. Later, the candles became decorations on birthday cakes to celebrate birthdays. Cake candles are an integral part of birthday celebrations these days, and there are all kinds of fancy candles. More and more modeling cake candles also make the birthday party more and more interesting, and the atmosphere created makes people feel happy.
Dessert scented candles are developed on this basis. The scent of this candle is usually imitated the taste of various desserts, such as chocolate cake, strawberry cream cake, blueberry cookies and so on. Lighting these candles can make people feel the rich dessert aroma, as if enjoying a delicious dessert. People’s craving for sweets is genetic, and it’s an instinctive craving. When people enjoy the sweet atmosphere, they will produce dopamine to feel happy and relaxed. Such scented candles can relieve people’s usual anxiety and stress, while making people feel relaxed and energetic.
In addition to the scent, the shape of the sweet scented candles is also very interesting. For example, there is a candle that allows you to melt the candle into wax, just like enjoying the process of turning the candle into a dessert. When you light this candle, the candle will turn into a piece of transparent glass, and then slowly melt into the shape of the dessert, making you feel like you are in a workshop for making desserts.

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