cereal candle factory customization

crystal candle with color stone

Popular candle 2022 is the cereal candles, normally candle are putted in a bowl, we called” cereal bowl candle” sometimes with spoon around the cereal.

This kind of candle cereal MOQ from only 50 pcs, you can choose the cereal color you like, and also scent can be putted in cereal candle bowl. F-zero candle are cereal candle factory.

crystal candle with color stone
crystal candle with color stone

Lucky charms cereal candles and candle cereal bowl is most popular product on May, 2022.

F-zero candle factory offer best quality bowl of cereal candle, we can also customized the cereal scented candles with scent you like.

If you like fruit, you can also put fruit on the candle, this product we called “fruit loops cereal candle”, before shipping ,we can send you videos.

Her is the link of our cereal candle.

And customization your own cereal candle by F-zero candle manufacturer.

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