baby bottle scented candle

F-Zero Candle factory manufacturer scented candle and shape candle, here you can get wholesaler price. As candle supplier, MOQ from only 2 pcs.

In this warm season, we bring you a unique and intoxicatingBaby bottle scented candle. This scented candle is inspired by the nostalgia of the good times when babies were growing up, and the warmth and peace of mind conveyed by the bottle.\nfeature:\nThe fragrance of milk overflows: The delicate fragrance of milk fills the whole room, as if I have returned to the moment when I became a parent for the first time.\nSoft candlelight: The wonderful candlelight is gentle and soothing, creating a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere for you and your baby.\nNatural materials: The candle materials we use are natural and harmless, ensuring that we care for the environment while caring for the family.\nLight thisScented candles let the warm milky fragrance surround you and your baby, adding tranquility and happiness to your family life.\nDessert bottle scented candle\nSavor the sweet taste of life, we have created a unique and attractive dessert bottle scented candle for you. This scented candle not only lights up your space, but also brings you a sweet and sweet experience.\nfeature:\nUnique dessert fragrance: The candle wick releases a mouth-watering fragrance, like a taste feast of delicious desserts.\nUnique design: The exquisite dessert bottle shape is not only a scented candle, but also an exquisite decoration.\nLeisurely time: In this peaceful fragrance, relax and feel the small blessings in life.\nUse thisDessert bottle scented candleDessert bottle scented candle, add a touch of sweetness to your life, making every moment more warm and beautiful.\nBottled scented candles to aid sleep\nIn a busy life, it is particularly important to find a peaceful and deep sleep. We bring you bottled scented candles designed specifically to help you sleep, so you can find true peace in your dreams.\nfeature:\nSoothing Fragrance: Carefully blended fragrance, like gentle notes, takes you into a peaceful night.Bottle design: The unique bottle design is both a scented candle and a highly aesthetic home decoration.\nDream Candlelight: Candlelight flickers, gentle and dreamlike, creating a comfortable sleeping atmosphere for you.\nAccompanied by bottled scented candles, bid farewell to the fatigue of the day, enter a peaceful dreamland, and welcome the energy and smile of the new day.

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