how to make a christmas candle for christmas Gift

Making Christmas candles and making them gifts for others will be very meaningful.

DIY is a good christmas candle ideas to make Christmas candles by yourself. Making candles requires materials, generally soybean wax blocks, candle molds and a wick. After preparing these materials, you can prepare other decorations and materials according to your own creativity.

You can collect some christmas candle images free of your favorite Christmas candle styles on the Internet for reference, such as canned, cylindrical or other shapes,become a christmas candle in jar.

You need to melt the soybean wax block in the candle greenhouse, then place the wick in the mold, and finally pour the soybean wax liquid into the mold to wait for cooling. You can add your favorite materials and decorations to give full play to your creativity.

Finally, you can wrap the Christmas scented candles in a gift box and attach other small gifts, so that a Christmas candle gift set suitable for gifts is completed.

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