What Is A Grim Reaper Double Wick Candle?

What is a double wick candle? Nowadays, scented candles are not only limited to one wick, but also have two or more wicks in one candle.

What is a double wick candle?

Double core grim reaper candles are generally used in candles that are large and difficult to burn in a single core, so that they will not cause excessive waste of candles, and can also maximize the use of perfume and essential oil.

At present, there are many novel candle styles, strange animals, plants or shapes.Ghost shape scented candle, skull scented candles,  scented candle, pumpskin and so on. Double Wick grim reaper are aromatic candles with two wicks, which can not only burn fully, but also show a more unique burning effect. With a few wicks, another more novel candle appears. This also shows that aromatic candles have a high degree of DIY and are easy to be accepted by the market and consumers.

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