Precautions For The Use Of bunny Crystal Candles

Precautions for the use of crystal candles

Precautions for the use of crystal bunny candles.

There are different degrees of precautions for the use of candle containers, candle enclosure, candle glass cover, candle in crystal jar, candle with crystal inside, etc. you must read the precautions before using this kind of product.

Because there is an open fire in the candle, it will be dangerous. There are these places that need attention in the use of rabbit crystal candles. Please be sure to read it again to prevent accidents.
The burning crystal candle should be placed on a fireproof container and out of the reach of children. The burning candle container will be hot, so it needs to be extinguished and moved after cooling. To avoid fire, please use it when there is someone. Please avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing, and place it out of the reach of pets and children. If the liquid accidentally enters the eyes or is swallowed, please wash or drink it with plenty of water in time, and then get medical attention immediately. This product is not a toy and can only be used by adults.

We hope you can have a pleasant experience. Precautions for the use of crystal candles.

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