Crystal candle jar and crystal candle tray

Crystal candle jar and crystal candle tray

It is generally known that the burning of candles will produce candle tears, that is, liquefying the candles will leave them along the edge of the main body of the candles, and then solidify again. Therefore, burning candles requires trays or other vehicles to catch these melted candles.

Crystal candle jars is a small and convenient aromatherapy candle. Its own small tin can can ensure that the burning candle will not flow everywhere. It has been kept in the tin can. This kind of canned crystal candle is also very common, and there are different sizes to choose from. You can choose your favorite crystal candle.

You can also choose to buy DIY tools such as Crystal Candle Kit, crystal candle mount, etc. to make crystal aromatherapy candles by hand. Crystal candle plate, crystal candle tray, crystal candle vessels can be selected and purchased in shopping malls, or they can be replaced by some other suitable vehicles.

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