How To Make Thanksgiving Candles

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Candle thanksgiving making, it will be meaningful to make gifts for others.

DIY is a great turkey candle idea. Materials are soy wax blocks, candle molds, and wicks. After preparing these materials, you can prepare other decorations and materials according to your own creativity.

You can collect some pictures of candles for reference, such as turkey, rudolph doll or other shapes, to become scented candles.

The soy wax block needs to be melted in the candle greenhouse, then the wick is put into the mold, and finally the soy wax liquid is poured into the mold to wait for cooling. You can add your favorite materials and decorations to unleash your creativity.

Finally, you can wrap the scented candles in a gift box and attach other small gifts to complete a set of thanksgiving scented candles suitable for gift giving.

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