Vintage Christmas Candles

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With the bell ringing in the ears, Christmas songs gradually fill the streets, all people look forward to this upcoming festival. Novel Christmas candles emerge in an endless stream, which also makes people wonder what Christmas retro candle will look like. Christmas Vintage candle are red Christmas candle, as bright red as Santa Claus.
Vintage farmhouse Christmas candles are made of fir leaves, fir leaves and other leaves collected by people into rings. In some areas, flowers are woven into them as embellishments, or beautiful ribbons are tied with bows. In some areas, scarves and antlers are also decorated In the Christmas ring. Today someone will add gorgeous light bulbs to the Christmas ring to make it sparkle very cool. Vintage frosting Christmas candles have Christmas candles in the shape of candy canes, gingerbread men and other Christmas candies. Ralph Lauren Christmas The candle is mainly a solemn and sacred atmosphere created by the dark red cup body and delicate lines.
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