How To Make A Eyeball Candle

Halloween is a major holiday. You can DIY a Candle eyeball by yourself, and you can experience more fun about Halloween with your families and friends.

The first is to determine the style of production. You can find the style you want to make online, then buy the corresponding Mold and production kit, and then prepare soybean wax flavor essential oil, wicks and other decorations. Then melt the soybean wax, pour the essence into the container, and then pour it into the container. In this process, you can add your favorite decorations, and then wait for it to cool and solidify.

Then you can put it into a suitable container or tray, so that a unique eyeball shaped scented candle can be made.

At the same time, As long as you have strong DIY ability, you can imagine the shape of candles.

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