Creative Candle Production Center

F-zero is a scented candle factory focusing on candle production. Here we can produce many kinds of candles. Our candles are welcomed by many customers at home and abroad. Our creative mooncake candles are selling well candles.

Scented Candle

We have many popular sculpted candles, such as mooncake animal candles, bunny candles and so on. These sculpted candles are generally processed and manufactured by sculpted candle production kits, and almost all sculpted candles are made by molds. At the same time, these candles can also customize its essence raw material matching, different shapes with rich essence essential oils, which can meet your needs to extent.

At present, popular modeling candles include Mid-Autumn candles, gift candles, cake dessert candles, osmanthus candles, animal candles and so on.

We are F-zero candle manufacturing factory, with many years of experience, to manufacture high-quality personalized candles for you.

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